Course Flyers

Summer Course Offerings

Current UC Davis students and students who have applied to Summer Sessions and received an ID number can use the Schedule Builder to browse and register for courses. Courses will be available by March 2017.

Non-UC Davis students can browse courses using the Class Search Tool.

View our Guaranteed-to-Go course listings - these courses will definitely be taught during the summer.  

Special Programs

Special programs have multiple courses and may require an application.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions courses have start and end dates that do not fall within the general six-week schedule and/or have other exceptions that do not allow them to be offered entirely during Session 1 or Session 2.  Please see the dedicated pages for Field Courses, Variable Length courses, and Special Programs for information on applications, enrollment, and refunds. 

Check the refund policies for all Special Session Courses. Some Special Session courses do not allow refunds.

Register for classes

Using the Course Search tool:

  • Print the Class Planner to write down all the information you will need during registration. You may not have time to look for this information during your appointment.
  • Choose the classes you wish to take. There may be several sections of the course, or there may be only one section. Each section has its own CRN. Be sure to have alternative choices and their CRNs in case your first choices are unavailable.
  • Class selections saved in the Class Search Tool do NOT download into Schedule Builder. You will need to add them during your registration.

Using Schedule Builder, you can:

  • Search for classes, and view class details and critical class messages.
  • Check for registration holds and errors.
  • Register for a full schedule (all classes) or one class at a time.
  • Change classes and sections without losing your existing registration.

If you have selected a variable-unit course or course requiring the consent of the instructor for enrollment, you will see the @ symbol instead of the CRN in Schedule Builder and the Class Search Tool. Obtain the CRN from the department offering the course, and then enroll using Schedule Builder.


It is your responsibility to check if you have completed the prerequisites. Instructors have the right to request the Office of the University Registrar to drop a student who has not completed the appropriate course prerequisites. Refer to the General Catalog and the General Catalog Supplement, or the Summer Sessions course listings above to determine course prerequisites.

Placement Exams and Auditions

Some courses require you to pass an exam or audition before you may register. To find out more about these exams and auditions, please see below: