Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pros and Cons of attending Summer Sessions?

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I have not found the answer to my question on the Summer Sessions site -- what should I do next?

A. If you have a question about a specific course, contact the department sponsoring the course. If you have a question about enrollment, fees, transcripts, or other matters pertaining to registration, please contact the Office of the University Registrar. If you have a question about Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid office.

I would like to sit in on a course to improve my understanding of the subject matter, is that possible?

A. No; auditing is not allowed during Summer Sessions. You are required to register and pay fees for any course you wish to attend.

If I have an Incomplete, "I", to complete the course during the summer, what do I have to do?

A. Make arrangements with both the instructor who assigned the "I" grade and, if needed, the instructor for the Summer Session course to allow you to complete the course (lab, final, etc.). Do not enroll in the course. To make this arrangement, consult your department chair and dean, who must give their approval and contact the director of Summer Sessions to establish a memorandum of understanding.

I wish to register for two courses, but they overlap by a half hour. Will I be allowed to register for both?

A. The registration system, myucdavis Schedule Builder, will not allow you to add a course that conflicts with another course on your schedule. A Permission To Add (PTA) number is required to override the time conflict. Contact the department offering the course to obtain the PTA number.

If I am on the wait list, how will I know if I get into course?

A. You will be sent an email (to your UC Davis email address) once you have been moved from the wait-list. Always log into the myucdavis to check your schedule before the session begins. Wait lists will be canceled on the dates listed in the Summer Sessions calendar.

Is there a maximum amount of units I can take in one Summer Session term?

A. No; there are no unit limits during the summer.  However, please contact the Office of the University Registrar if you wish to take more that 12 units in a summer session.

I would like to drop ALL my courses but Schedule Builder won't let me, why?

A. Once you have registered for a summer term,myucdavis Schedule Builder will not allow you to drop your last course. In order to drop your last course, you must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal form with the Office of the University Registrar, 12 Mrak Hall.

My courses were dropped from my schedule. What happened?

A. The Schedule Builder does not randomly drop students from courses, but will automatically drop students from courses for non-payment of fees, returned tuition checks, illegally repeating a course, enrolling in more than one course with the same meeting time, courses with restrictions, and courses that have been canceled.

Multiple-part courses that require a Course Registration Number (CRN) for a second and/or third part will be dropped if one part of the course is closed or if you did not enter appropriate CRNs for all parts of the course. You must enroll in all parts of a multiple-part course that does not have a combined schedule.

How do I know if my course time or location was changed?

A. Once you enroll in your courses, log into myucdavis Schedule Builder to query the most recent changes in location or time of your course(s).

I am not a continuing UC Davis student; how do I apply?

A. Complete the on-line Summer Sessions application - available March 1.

I am not a UC Davis student. Will the units that I earn at UC Davis transfer to my home campus?

A. All units transfer within the UC system unless the course duplicates work previously completed. Outside the UC system, your home campus will need to evaluate possible transfer units. A general rule is that three quarter units equal two semester units.

You will also need to check with an academic advisor on your home campus to determine whether a a course that fulfills a major requirement at UC Davis will fulfill that same major requirement on your home campus.

I will not be able to attend the first day of class. What should I do?

A. Notify the instructor that you will be absent. If you do not, you may be required by the instructor to drop the course.

If you are required to drop the course during the first week and it was the only course you wanted to enroll in for summer, please submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form to the Office of the University Registrar before the end of the first week of the session. See the Summer Sessions Calendar for deadlines.

I have a question about the health services fee and my SHIP coverage from previous terms. Whom do I contact?

A. Student Health and Counseling Services will be able to help you with any questions about summer health services and health insurance. You can contact them at (530) 752-6055.

When will finals take place?

A. In most cases, finals are given during the last class meeting. There is no official "finals date" for summer session courses. Please check with the department sponsoring the course and/or the instructor of the course.

I need to be a full-time student in summer for financial aid purposes. How many units must I take?

A. To qualify for full-time enrollment status, undergraduates or graduates must be enrolled in at least six (6) units per session.

What are the Summer Sessions dates this year?

Please see the Summer Sessions Calendar

Do you have any information regarding student housing during the summer?

A. For information on student housing during Summer Sessions, please visit UC Davis Conference Housing.

Are there any enrollment restrictions on Summer Sessions courses?

A. There are relatively few enrollment restrictions and these are given in the course listings. For example, satisfactory scores on diagnostic examinations are required for enrollment in lower division mathematics and chemistry courses. There are no Summer Sessions courses that are restricted to majors only.

Can I take summer courses through Open Campus?

A. No; Summer Session courses are not available through UC Davis Open Campus.

Do I qualify for financial aid?
Current UCD students qualify for financial aid. Students must enroll in six (6) or more units for each session in which they wish to receive aid. You can visit the Financial Aid's summer aid page for more information.
When will I be awarded financial aid?
Financial aid will begin to award students aid after May 5. You will be processed in the order of the date that you register for six (6) or more unit for the session(s) you plan to take. Email notifications will be sent out weekly. You can visit the Financial Aid's summer aid page for more information.
How accurate is the estimator in determining how much aid I will receive?
It is strictly an estimate based on the aid the student currently has at the time that the estimate is created. If any changes are made, the estimate may change. You can visit the Financial Aid's summer aid page for more information.