2016 Summer Sessions Fees

Summer 2016 fees appear in the table below. Note that additional program fees may be charged for courses offered in off-campus field courses.

Please note: current UC Davis students who are filing for spring 2016 graduation are considered non-continuing for summer and pay the Non-UC Student Course Fee, and the Summer Campus fee.

Student Category

Course Fee

Summer Campus Fee

UC Undergraduate Student

$272 per unit

$299.48 per session

UC Graduate Student

$272 per unit

$168.30 per session

Non-UC Student

$340 per unit

$299.48 per session

UC Career Staff

$272 per unit

$11 per session

Course Materials Fee: You will be charged fees in some courses for the use, rental, or consumption of materials or services necessary to provide a supplemental educational experience. For example, course materials fees may cover the purchase of chemicals and glassware for a science laboratory or art supplies for an art studio course, film rentals, field trips, or the purchase or rental of specific equipment. 

Course materials fees are non-refundable.

Summer Campus Fee: This fee covers the following services and initiatives: Student Services, Memorial Union, Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Unitrans, Recreation, Student Facilities Fee, Facilities and Campus Enhancement Initiative, and Campus Expansion Initiative. The Provost has directed that all registered students must pay all elements of the summer campus fee with the exception of UC Davis career employees who are also registered students. This directive is consistent with the language included in the referenda for campus-based fees, including the summer campus fee, voted upon by the students.

Summer Application/Processing Fee: UC Davis no longer charges an application or processing fee.