To be eligible for a refund of fees, students must drop the class(es) they no longer wish to take or submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form by the deadline for each session as posted on the Summer Sessions calendar.

Field Courses are non-refundable and courses held during Special Session have varying refund dates.

No refund will be issued for any drop or cancellation/withdrawal received after these deadlines.

Dropping Classes

Students who intend to remain enrolled in at least one class during the session drop the class(es) they no longer wish to take using myucdavis Schedule Builder.


Students who intend to drop all of their classes and wish to no longer be enrolled in the session (Session One, Session Two, or Special Session) must submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form to the Office of the University Registrar.

Ways to Submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form

Online: using your Kerberos ID and passphrase, complete the Cancellation/Withdrawal webform.