Summer Sessions: A Key to Transfer Student Success

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Course offerings list is now available! Please visit our Courses page for more information.

Student Testimonials

"I plan on taking Summer Session 1 because I want to complete my engineering prerequisites. This will allow me to jump right into my core classes next year."  – John Seymour, 2nd year, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Want to know the pros and cons of taking Summer Sessions? Check out what the Roving Reporter had to say!

April 28: Registration Begins

Course registration begins. Please log into myucdavis  to view your registration appointment time on April 21. For UC Davis students: Summer Sessions registration is the same as registering for your courses during the academic year.

May 3: Open Registration

Open registration begins.

March 1: Application Available

The Summer Sessions application is now available! For general information, visit the Apply page.

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Popular Courses

There are a variety of popular courses that students take during the academic year that are also offered during Summer 2014:

  • ARE 100A: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ARE 155: Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
  • BIS 101: Genes & Gene Expression
  • CMN 101: Communication Theories
  • FST 010: Food, Folklore, & Health
  • PSC 001: General Psychology
  • MAT 021A, B, & C: Calculus
  • MAT 017A, B, & C: Calculus for BioSci

Hard-to-Get Courses

Having trouble getting into your major required courses during the school year? These courses are being offered in Summer 2014:

  • BIS 002A, B, & C: Introduction to Biology
  • BIS 102: Structure and Function of Biomolecules
  • BIS 104: Cell Biology
  • CHE 002A, B, & C: General Chemistry
  • CMN 001: Intro to Public Speaking
  • CMN 003: Interpersonal Communication Competence
  • MAT 016A, B, & C: Short Calculus
  • MAT 022A: Linear Algebra
  • MAT 022B: Differential Equations
  • NPB 101L: Systemic Physiology Lab
  • PHY 007A, B, & C: General Physics
  • PHY 009A, B, & C: Classical Physics
  • UWP 102A, 104A, B, D, E, & F: Writing