Why You Should Consider Taking UC Davis Summer Session

Students from Summer Sessions
Students from Summer Sessions

Why You Should Consider Taking UC Davis Summer Session

Summer classes seem to always carry a negative connotation, but in reality, Summer Sessions are not terrible at all. In fact, there are many benefits to taking classes in the summer.

Get ahead in your classes and/or graduate early

For obvious reasons, you can use summer classes to get ahead in your classes. Classes count towards graduation requirements, so you can focus on just one tough class in the summer or even graduate early.

Focus on a specific class 

Summer Session is a good time to take those intimidating classes. Many students at UC Davis use Summer Session to take classes that they weren’t confident about taking during the school year. Since the class sizes are usually smaller, it’s easier to get one-on-one help and feel heard in the class! 

Classes go by faster 

Each Summer Session is only 6 weeks long as compared to a regular quarter which is 10 weeks long. This is good news, especially if you happen to not like the class you’re taking. The class is usually over before you know it and then you can move on to your summer break or other classes you planned to take over the summer.

Experience Davis in the summer 

Summer in Davis is sunsets at Hutchinson Parking Structure with friends or morning trips to the farmer’s market with your roommates. Davis, just like most other cities in California, gets really hot over the summer but fear not! Davis is the perfect distance away from Lake Tahoe or San Francisco. You can take a cool 1-2 hour drive to nearby cities and explore what they have to offer and their cool weather. Just because you’re in Davis taking Summer Session doesn’t mean it’s not a fun time!