Summer Sessions 2021 will be offered through remote instruction.

Cross-Campus Enrollment Courses

Why take online courses at another UC?

Online courses are courses designed to be delivered away from the classroom setting and are taken completely online (unless otherwise indicated). Current UC students can participate in online courses through cross-campus enrollment, further expanding their opportunities to advance towards their degree. The following is the list of courses offered by UC Davis. Click the link for courses offered by other campuses. 

UC Davis

Designator Course Title Session
CMN 003V Interpersonal Communication Competence I
CMN 010V Introduction to Communication I
CMN 150V Computational Social Science II
CMN 170V Digital Technology I
ECN 001AV Principles of Microeconomics I & II
NUT 010V Discovery & Concepts of Nutrition II
SPA 002V Elementary Spanish I
SPA 003V Elementary Spanish II
SPA 021V Intermediate Spanish I I
SPA 022V Intermediate Spanish II II