Textbook FAQs

  • Does Summer Session participate in Equitable Access?
  • At this time, Equitable Access is only for the 3 academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring). Summer Session will look very similar to regular quarters as digital books will be the default and will be available in Canvas. However, students will purchase their items individually rather than at a flat rate for all items.
  • Where should I look for and purchase my textbooks?
  • Textbook information will be available at the UC Davis Stores website and on your Canvas course page: https://ucdavisstores.com/SelectTermDept. Digital books will be available on your Canvas course page. Print books will be available at the main campus store, online, or for purchase through Canvas.
  • What are the last dates to opt-out of digital books?
  • Summer Session I - June 25th
    Summer Session II - August 6th
    Special Summer Session - June 25th
  • Who do I contact if I need assistance?
  • If you have questions about eBooks and Courseware items on Canvas or need assistance in opting in or out of a product, please email equitableaccess@ucdavis.edu.
    If you have a question about what books are being used or about how to acquire a print title. please email Textbooks@ucdavis.edu.