Special Sessions

Special Sessions is a term for a variety of classes that are offered outside the normal 6-week duration during the summer. Registration for Special Sessions is part of your pass time registration appointment.  You do not need a separate pass time for Special Sessions. Please use the original pass time provided for Session 1 & 2 when you sign up for Special Sessions.





Course Title


Last Day to Drop for Full Refund





German GER GER 001A 60366 Intensive Elem German 6/21/21-9/10/21 6/28/21
Japanese JPN JPN 001A 60449 Intensive Elem Japanese 6/21/21-9/10/21 6/28/21
Spanish SPA SPA 001A 60609 Intensive Elem Spanish 6/21/21-9/10/21 6/28/21


Biological Sciences NPB 101L 60537 Systemic Physiology Lab 6/21/21-9/10/21 7/1/21

UC Center

UC Center POL 192A 60565 Political Science Internship 6/15/2021-8/17/2021 6/1/21
UC Center POL 193 60567 Research in Practical Politics 6/15/2021-8/17/2021 6/1/21
UC Center POL 195 60569 Special Studies American Politics 6/15/2021-8/17/2021 6/1/21
UC Center POL 196E 60571 Research Methods Seminar 6/15/2021-8/17/2021 6/1/21

Field Courses

Geology* GEL 110A Contact Dept. Summer Field Geology 6/20/21-7/10/21 6/17/21
Geology* GEL 110B Contact Dept. Summer Field Volcanology 7/11/21-7/31/21


*Additional program fees may be charged for courses offered in off-campus field courses. Click this link for fee and program information.