General FAQs

solo girl imageClick on the four FAQs below to get answers to your questions on Apply/Registration, Calendar, Courses, and Fees & Aid.

For questions related to textbooks for your courses, please click on Textbook FAQs.

Textbook FAQs


  • How do I know if I have been accepted to Summer Sessions? How do I check the status of my application?
  • All applications are processed by the Office of the Registrar. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment email within 48 hours, email the registrar's office: registrar@ucdavis.edu. You can expect to receive a separate email with your UC Davis email address and student ID number with instructions on how to register for courses.
  • I am currently enrolled as a UC Davis student. How do I enroll in summer classes?
  • Current UC Davis students do not need to apply. You can enroll in Summer Session courses via Schedule Builder, the same way you enroll in Academic Year courses during your pass time.
  • I will be starting in the fall as either a first-year or transfer student. Can I attend Summer Sessions?
  • Yes, but you must apply via the student application.
  • Can high school students attend Summer Sessions?
  • Yes! Summer Sessions are open to the general public, including high school students who have completed their junior year and are capable of handling introductory-level university courses. However, an additional verification form is required, which can be accessed at the link below.
    High School Verification Form
  • I’m a student at a college outside of the UC System. How do I apply?
  • Apply via the student application.
  • I'm a student enrolled at another UC campus. How do I apply?
  • Apply via the student application.

For Transfer Students

  • If I SIR to UC Davis, do I need to apply to attend Summer Sessions?
  • Yes. Even though you have been admitted to UC Davis, as a pre-matriculant, you’re not yet in our system as a registered student. You will, however, pay the UC student fee rate.
  • If I SIR to another UC, can I attend Summer Sessions?
  • Yes. You do need to apply, and you will pay at the UC student rate.
  • How do I apply, and is there a fee to apply?
  • The application is a very short form – no essays or transcripts are required. There is no fee to apply. Visit the Apply/Registration page to get started on your application!


  • Where can I find the deadlines and dates for Summer Sessions?
  • You can view the deadlines and dates for Summer Sessions on the Summer Sessions Calendar page.


  • What courses are offered?
  • We offer hundreds of courses in every college, both upper and lower division. You can search online using the Class Search Tool, or browse the course flyers found on our website.
  • What classes should I take?
  • Course selection depends on your major and what courses you need to complete. It’s always a good idea to talk to an advisor in your college to identify the best way to use summer to get ahead.
  • How do I drop a class during Summer Session?
  • Those who cancel/withdrawal from Summer Sessions are still considered UC Davis students and this action will not impact their fall enrollment status or registration. The Schedule of Refunds does not apply to Summer Sessions. For detailed information, refer to the Refund and Cancellation/Withdrawal information.

    A Cancellation/Withdrawal form must be received by the deadline for each session as posted on the Summer Sessions calendar.

    Online: using your Kerberos ID and passphrase, complete the Cancellation/Withdrawal webform.

Fees & Aid

  • Is financial aid available?
  • If you qualified for financial aid during the academic year, you may qualify for financial aid this summer. If you were at a community college, you may have more financial aid available if you take summer courses at UC Davis. To receive financial aid at UC Davis, you must have the following:

    o A FAFSA from the previous academic year or California Dream Act application on file.
    o A Summer Financial Aid application on file.
    o Please see the Summer Eligibility and Application Process on the UC Davis Financial Aid web page for more information.

    Students who qualify for financial aid must take at least 6 units during the summer. Financial aid is disbursed in the session in which you accumulate 6 units (so if you take 3 units in Session 1 and 3 units in Session 2, you will not receive aid until session 2).
  • What are the costs for Summer Sessions?
  • You can view the cost for Summer Session on the Summer Sessions Fees & Aid page.
  • When are fees due?
  • You can view the deadlines for Summer Session fees on the Summer Sessions Fees & Aid page.

If you have any lingering questions about Summer Sessions, feel free to contact us via email at summersessions@ucdavis.edu or by phone at ​​​(530) 752-7623.