Summer Sessions 2021 will be offered through remote instruction.

Apply to Summer Sessions

students sitting on grass, studying

Summer Sessions courses are open to all. How to apply:

  • Current UC Davis Students should use Schedule Builder to enroll in courses.
  • All other applicants (including UC Davis Non-Continuing students) apply using the Summer Sessions application. The Registrar will communicate the next steps, such as prerequisites and pass times.

The respective applications and next steps are provided to the right (or below if using a mobile device).

There are three student categories:

  • UC Davis Continuing Students (Do NOT submit an application. Register April 27th)
    • Students enrolled in spring quarter (includes Education Abroad Program, Intercampus Exchange Program, Intercampus Visitor Program, Washington, DC Program)
    • Must be enrolled (but not graduating) in Spring Quarter
  • UC Davis Non-Continuing Students (Must submit an application- provide ID number when prompted) will not be charged the non-UC Student Fee.
    • Canceled, withdrawn, dismissed, or on Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) for spring 2021
    • Readmitted for fall 2021
    • Newly admitted students for fall 2021
    • Students from other UC campuses (choose your institution and provide ID number)
    • Non-UC Students (Must submit an application- If applicable, provide ID number when prompted)
      • Previously graduated UC Davis students
      • Visitors (those who have never been admitted, activated, or previously only attended Summer Sessions) 
      • High School students (after completion of junior year) who have not graduated (Must submit High School Verification Form)
      • The Public (including UC Davis Career staff)

    Are you looking to drop your classes or withdraw from Summer Sessions? Learn more here.